Monday, September 17

Random Fun

I have been making some knitting progress. I spent Thursday afternoon knitting with some friends and finished the heel on Solstice Slip sock 2. The weird thing is, this second sock seems smaller and tighter than the first. And the striping is different too (I'll get a picture up here soon). Same yarn, same needles?? I did knit the first sock while on vacation...and I have been a bit over-scheduled lately. Gauge is a mysterious thing!

I also got a bit of knitting done Monday night at the 49er game in San Francisco. We met my cousin and his son from Utah, had pizza and beer at the 21st Amendment, and watched a mostly boring (except the last few minutes) football game. My cousin doesn't know what to make of me knitting at the game.
On the home front, Mr. Colorplay has to be the best husband in the world. After a lousy day last week, this is what I found when I got home

How cute is that? And I was worried about him being retired!

My dogs are getting more email than I am! Here is a picture their friends Darcy and Tucker sent them of their summer vacation at Lake Almanor

And last but not least, happy 21st birthday Kelly! We're going to Disneyland!!!

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Tammy said...

What a wonderful husband you have trained there!! Ice cream, chocolate and flowers!

Hope you are having a better week.