Saturday, October 27

Look what I made!

My broadband has been down for over a week (way to go AT & T) so I'm blogging from Starbucks today. I've been busy playing in my workshop with colors. Here is my first batch of ColorPlay yarn. It was lots of fun and I'm now officially obsessed.
I started on my Mystic Waters Mystery Shawl with some lace weight yarn I dyed (picture soon). I'm loving the way the yarn is knitting up. It's a straightforward pattern, but I've just never made lace this big, so I keep loosing my place in the row I'm working on and have to keep counting the stitches. If anyone has some advice I'd love to hear it. I'm hoping to knit on it a lot this weekend. I don't want to get too far behind on the clues.
I finished my Tidal Wave socks and will take a picture soon. They're a gift for my mom's birthday in December, and I don't know why, but I'm finished way before my deadline--YAY! I just cast on for some Smokin' socks in Claudia Handpaints Fantasy. The pattern is easy and I should be able to finish these for a Christmas gift. That is, unless I get distracted by the Rockin' Sock Club shipment that should be arriving in my mailbox any day now...


Tammy said...

Woman, you are good!! That stuff is beautiful!! Umm, are you going to sell it?

I'm on the Mystic Waters group, but won't be starting my shawl anytime soon. I am working with the Secret of the Stole right now and a secret test knit. I do have the yarn for the Mystic Waters though.

Hey, I might be down in CA in January. I'll be over in the San Jose area keeping a watch on my dad while my mom is out of town, but we should plan to meet up. I haven't been home to Sacto in eons!!

Sue said...

Linda, way to go! That yarn is beautiful. Really amazing for a first attempt. You listened closely in Tina's camp class! I'm with Tammy- when is it for sale?
Love the blog!

Linda said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tammy and Sue! I am in the process of setting up shop on Etsy. I'm hoping to be up and running in the next two weeks.

Priscilla said...

Great colors! Congratulations! I wish you the best.