Sunday, February 24

Socks on a Train!

Yesterday I rode the Stitch ' Ride train from Sacramento to Stitches West. What a riot! There were over 400 knitters on a special train just for us. I had a ball. We all got a tote bag with goodies and there were snacks and prize drawings too. The only thing missing was yarn to buy--but there was plenty at Stitches! It was my first time to the show and it was a sensory overload. I overheard a knitter say, "I feel like a one-eyed dog in a weenie factory!"

My first stop was the Ravelry booth. I got to meet the actual people behind Ravelry and they were so friendly and fun (in my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of them). They had a contest for Ravelers. We were issued a "Stitches Passport" (Bob was on the cover, of course) with pages for a number of vendors we had to visit and get a stamp. Once the pages were all stamped, we turned them in for a prize drawing. It was really fun meeting all the vendors and chatting while we got our stamps.
It took me a while, but I finally worked my way over to Blue Moon Fiber Arts and chatted it up with the famous (infamous?) Sockateers, Hot Flash, Cockeyed, and Etta Mae. They are a delight! The monkeys were behaving themselves (one of them was napping), which was a bit dissapointing.
I tried to resist buying any STR since I'm going to sock camp in April, but resistance is futile. I showed enormous restraint though, and only bought two skeins. I found a few other yarns I couldn't live without (what's with all the green?).

On the way home on the train my friends and I (accidentally, I assure you) stole someone's table who had gone to the dining car to get a snack. When she came back she let us stay and we had a lot of fun getting to know Jody! She admitted at the end of the ride that she was glad we stole her table.
Now I have a week to catch up with my real life before I leave for Asilomar with my quilting friends. 20 quilters. 5 days. Nothing but sewing (and knitting in my case), eating, drinking and laughing. I can't wait!


KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

It all sounds like great fun! I wish I'd known about Stitches when I lived there.

Anonymous said...

I am a little jealous, lol. I haven't been on a retreat yet, but I am thinking this summer I need a little "get away". Glad to see and hear that you had lots of fun.

Angeluna said...

This looks like too much fun. I'm really going to miss being with you at Sock Camp.