Saturday, August 16

Back from the Middle of Nowhere

We had a great time in Park City visiting with family. We golfed, ate too much, shopped (I never found a knit shop), and watched the Olympics. I even managed to squeeze in some knitting time (mostly while driving across Nevada--more on that later). I made a little progress on my Ravelympics socks, but I'm getting a little worried they may not make it to the medals round. Why do I always underestimate how long a project will take?

I'm loving the way the colors are striping, and the Cedar Creek pattern is a fun, easy knit. The first time I knit this pattern was in the first year of the Rockin' Sock Club. They were the second pair of socks I ever knit, and I thought the pattern was really hard. What a difference a couple of years of knitting makes!

Oh, yeah, the drive across Nevada. It is a very wide state, it takes about 7 hours to drive across, so it's really good for knitting. It's also good for napping, which I did while Larry was driving. During one of my short naps, Larry stopped the car. In the Middle of Nowhere.

He stopped to have a chat with Trooper Tanner, who after writing Larry a speeding ticket, was a good sport and held my sock for a Kodak moment.

Don't forget about my blogiversary contest, the deadline is tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You are running neck and neck with the Harlot at making me laugh! The hubby even got a good laugh on this latest escapade with the sock!
Thanks for the chuckle! Even at Larry's expense!


Angeluna said...

I'm still laughing. Loved this story (sorry Larry). Oh yes, the sock looks great!

Jeanne said...

Too funny! I bet that was a first for the police officer!

laura (knittinkitties) said...

i take it offering him a pair of socks wouldn't have gotten you guys out of it? hehhehe just a thought :-P