Thursday, August 21

Oh, yeah, knitting

Just when you thought I'd forgotten this is a knitting Ravelympics Sock Put entry.
With only three days left until Closing Ceremonies, doesn't much look like I'm going to finish in time. Again, what was I thinking? I'm completely out of touch with the reality of my knitting speed (which apparently is very slow). When I signed up for Ravelympics, I imagined I'd be sitting in front of the TV every night watching the Olympics and knitting for hours. It was a nice thought.
I'm sneaking in a row here-and-there on Adamas. I love this pattern, but it's definitely alone-time-no-TV knitting.

Daughter #1 is coming home for a visit this weekend. WOO HOO! We always have fun!


cockeyed said...

I'm lagging behind with my ravelympics stuff too! Oh well. Your shawl is beautiful. Have fun with your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Ditto...just starting my second sock. The Adamas is coming along though! Off to Napa Valley for the weekend. See you Monday!


knitter said...

Your Cedar Creeks look great. That's one pattern I forgot to get at Soqamsamck Camp. I didn't sign up for Ravelympics but have but doing a finishing-a-thon, which included one official "sock abandonment". Started your Spring Forwards in some old Brown Sheep Wildfoote, but it splits too much, and after the heel there was gi-normous knot. They are in time out for now. I am itching to do Spring Forward Pond Scums. Love your pattern!