Sunday, November 2

Happy November

This title was supposed to be "Happy Halloween", but I'm a little late for that. It seemed to just slip right past me. We managed to carve a couple of Jack-o-lanterns and put up some fun lights just in time for the first trick-or-treaters. It was a weird night, though. Our neighborhood is usually loaded with kids. I buy about 10 bags of candy and always run out. This year we had so few kids, about half our candy was left over. This spells trouble for me, because I have zero will power when it comes to candy!
We got invited to a party this year and couldn't resist the obvious choice for costumes, Hockey Mom Sarah and Joe the Plumber. Larry even found me two buttons: Drill Baby Drill and Read My Lipstick. We had lots of fun!

Hasn't this been the funniest election ever!? I can't get enough of Letterman, John Stewart and Tina Fey. And Senator McCain selling stuff on QVC on last night's SNL was a hoot! It's been good to have something to laugh about given the state of our economy.

I've been busy in my studio this week. I often get asked what inspires my colorways. Sometimes it's as simple as reading a magazine.

Or going for a walk.

Happy November!


Anonymous said...

Linda, Linda, Linda very funny! I can't wait for election day to be over!

tiennie said...

Great costumes! I can't wait for tomorrow's election to be over. Been loving Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow's coverage!

Marisol said...

What beuftiful colorways Linda! I think these are great sources of inspiration:)

Tammy said...

Love the costumes! Halloween here was the same way. We normally get around 30-40 kids, we had no more than 15. Everyone I have talked to said the same thing, there were less kids this year.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Fabulous Halloween costumes Linda!!

And those sock yarns are gorgeous too!