Saturday, May 2

Barn Raising for Sock Summit

Sock Summit is only 95 days away--I can't wait! The class schedule is up. Go have a look--you won't believe the talent Tina and Steph have put together. I spent hours pouring over it and making a list, and back-up list, and extra-back-up list. Am I crazy to try to take classes every day? I know it will be sensory overload, but I just don't want to miss anything!

Barn Raising Quilt made by SenoraFuerte (photo used with permission).
A knitalong for Barn Raising Blankets for charity has been started. The blankets will be auctioned off at SS with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. Why not join in and make a few squares with your leftover sock yarn--I'm in.

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tiennie said...

Wow! I love this blanket!