Wednesday, May 13


Remember my Shawl That Jazz?

For some reason the colors weren't pleasing to me. Then, I remembered why. The last couch I had, which I hated, looked like this (dog inserted for cuteness).

So I frogged. And I dyed. Now the yarn looks like this.


Angeluna said...

Quite the improvement. Thank goodness for the dog!!!

Is this Twisted? I have quite a bit of that with no idea what I will do with it.

Angela said...

Yea for acid dye! I did the same with mine, though I bought the colorway with the intention of dyeing it. (Got a bargain on Ravelry.) Can't wait to see the end product!

Tece said...

I like the new color very much. Good job!

Jeanne said...

The final yarn is really pretty - great colors! And cute dog!

knitter said...

Is that your Beached Twisted that you overdyed? I have been thinking about over dyeing one of ine that I dyed at camp, but have no idea what color to use. Could I send you a photo and have you make a suggestion? It just didn't turn out as strong as I wanted it to be.