Saturday, October 3

Here and there

September was a fun filled month. We took a trip to Park City with my mom to visit Kelly and my aunt and cousins. We stayed in a timeshare (thanks, mom!) right in town. We were one block away from K's apartment, and had a gorgeous view of town, and Park City ski area. We hardly used our car--we could walk just about everywhere we wanted to go. The fall colors were just starting to show, and got better as the week went on.

I forgot my camera (again!), so just took a couple of pictures with my phone. My kids will crack up when they see the next two pictures. These boys were strolling through town advertising for their doggie salon.

Don't worry. They didn't mind their hairstyles, and the colors were non-toxic vegetable dyes. They loved all the attention they were getting!

Yes, there was knitting. My aunt and mom wanted a knitting refresher course. Neither one had knit in over 30 years. I brought yarn and needles for them to knit scarves and they only needed a few reminders before they were knitting away. I also brought yarn, needles and a hat pattern for Kelly and Brenna. All three of us knit a cabled hat. Well, Brenna and I knit a cabled hat. Kelly, inadvertantly made up her own stitch pattern. We laughed a lot! But, her hat is turning out really cute.

A week after we got home from Utah, Larry and I were off to Lake Tahoe for a few days. We played a little golf and enjoyed the cool weather.

I spent some time knitting on some secret projects, and also cast on for another Ulmus shawl. I'll have photos for you soon.


Anonymous said...

So glad your summer has been fun. Gotta get together though. My second Ulmus is almost finished. Only the border to go! Yeahhhh!
Hope to see you soon.

knitwit48 said...

Forgot to tell you it was my comment...silly me!