Wednesday, January 6

Handmade Holiday

I was thrilled to get two handmade gifts for Christmas this year. This knitting basket, made of fabric wrapped rope, was skillfully stitched together by my friend Dianne. I was so lucky she drew my name this year! She even sneeked into my family room one day when we were knitting so she could match up some fabric swatches to my sofa pillows.

My mom has just started knitting again (after lot's of nagging by you know who). She surprised me by knitting this gorgeous scarf for me--her first ever lace knitting. I love it!

Next to handmade, I love techy gadgets. Larry topped the iPhone he gave me a couple of years ago with this little beauty. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm pretty spoiled, eh?

I finished this handmade holiday knit, but didn't get it mailed in time for Christmas. It will go off this week to one of my Team in Training teammates who was deployed to an Airforce base in Kyrgystan. She left her three kids and husband at home for 6 months! I hope this will keep her warm and let her know I'm thankful for her service.

Did you get or give anything handmade for Christmas this year?


Brenna said...

yay! I love that your back to blogging :) love you!!

Lindsay said...

Love the bowl, I've got one made by a friend. My Mum knows how to make them and I'm going to get her to show me some time.

As for handmade gifts this year I made a Crocus Amulet purse for my Mum and she made me a apir of Snowmen earrings