Sunday, March 21

Happy Spring

I celebrated the first weekend of Spring by running across the Golden Gate Bridge today.
Two good things: I got to hang out with my favorite running buddy all weekend (love you B!). I didn't get beaten by any 80 year-olds (I did get beaten by a 75 year-old, but I'm counting that as improvement). One not-so-good thing. I'm going to have to sleep for two days to recover from all the fun we had: 11 1/2 mile run with my team, baby shower for a neighbor friend, and a home-made pizza feast on Saturday. 12k Across the Bay, three hours of wandering around San Francisco, eating cupcakes here, and about 5 hours riding in a bus today. Whew!

How did you celebrate the first weekend of Spring?


Kelly said...

Happy spring mama!! Wish I could have been there to cheer you both on and play in SF! But I'm excited to see you next weekend! I snowboarded all day today, best day I've had in the last 2 years! It was 55 degrees and I was having sooo much fun! Love you mama, can't wait to see you!!

Tece said...

All I can say is WHOA! what a powerhouse you are!! All that activity does deserve a nap on Monday.....