Thursday, July 8


I just got back from a trip to the midwest. Each year my husband's family gets together over the 4th of July holiday in their hometown, Watertown, South Dakota.

I just love it there.

Golfing at Watertown Muni (in the prairie wind!).
Hilltop huddles. Prairie flowers.

Nothing but farms as far as the eye can see.
Family get-together at the lake.
A pilgrimage to Rauville, where the family started out. Topped off with a lovely Lake Kampeska sunset followed by wild and crazy South Dakota fireworks.
Larry moved to California when he was 5, so he wasn't around when all the cousins were growing up. Sitting around the kitchen table with aunts, uncles, and cousins we heard lots, and lots of (mostly hilarious) family stories. The Welchs are warm, wonderful, loving people. I didn't want to leave.


Kelly said...

Awesome pictures!! Can't wait to go with you next year!!

Anonymous said...

Come a little further east to Minnesota and visit me!!! We could play with yarn!

Nothing beats hanging out with family!

Angeluna said...

Have to agree on the "awesome photos". How wonderful to have a big family get-together on the lawn (and nice of all of you to celebrate my birthday).

Tece said...

So glad to see the photos and read the commentary of your sounds SO fun!!