Friday, April 4

Spring Fever

I've been busy playing!

Playing. Mixing colors in my dye studio (that makes my garage sound really fancy, doesn't it?)

Golfing. The weather has been so nice!

Reading. This month I'm reading Pillars of the Earth for my book club. Man, that book is heavy. It has almost 1000 pages!!

Practicing karate. Yes, I just started an Isshinryu karate class twice a week. Since my hysterectomy and immediate menopause, I've put on a bit of a spare tire. I wanted to start exercising more and my friend suggested I join her at her karate class. Well, I am loving it! I used to practice Tae Kwon Do when my kids were small, but gave it up when they were older and our life was busy. This is a bit different, so I have a lot to learn. I think it will do the trick for getting in shape--it's one heck of a workout.

Knitting. Mostly my homework for sock camp, which is a secret. You'll see pictures after camp. I've also been knitting on my Serendipity socks as well as a pair of socks for a friend using the Regia self-striping yarn from Kaffe Fasset. I will post a picture of those soon. Take a look at my shop and let me know which is your favorite color!


Tammy said...

Lovely colors you are dyeing!! I'm going to go peak at them myself.

Thank you for the kind words for Robert and Kim. They both have appointments today. I really hope their recovery goes well.

I am so excited for camp, but not getting very far on my project. It may not make it this year. :(

Angeluna said...

The colors are just lovely. I didn't know you were doing this. I would have to say Dreamy and Lipstick. I too absolutely love greens and it is hard to find good ones.