Wednesday, April 23

The most fun I've ever legally had!

Orcas Island in the pacific northwest + gorgeous Blue Moon yarns + Stephanie Pearl-McPhee + Cat Bordhi + Cookie A. + J.C. Briar + one depraved dyer, four madcap Sockateers + almost 80 amazing, funny, creative knitters + monkeys and puppets = one helluva good time!! Yes, sock camp. Camp Crow's Feet was hosted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I spent five days there. I arrived, along with my half done Mystic Sea sock from last year's camp, on the ferry.

A group of intrepid knitters arrived in this.

We stayed at the Rosario Resort which is on Orcas Island. This was the view from my room.

We had to do some homework before we got there. Our assignment was to create a toilet roll cover. Mine is a socktopus.

The other toilet roll covers were so amazing! We had to vote for 5 of our favorites and I wanted to vote for every one! I regret I didn't take more pictures! You can find lots more toilet roll cover pics here.

We took four different classes, two each day: everything you wanted to know about socks with the Harlot and Tina, new sock architecture with Cat Bordhi, bind 0ffs with J.C. Briar, and travelling stitches with Cookie A. To give our brains a chance to soak it all in, the day between classes was spent making MONKEYS! Mine is Phil, the second from the right.

(I know, he resembles Homer Simpson). He was the recipient of an international arm donation (arms knit by Jeneane from Calgary). Phil has an eye for the ladies.

There were so many different monkeys! It was crazy how into making monkeys we were. Yes, there was even a homeless monkey, poor thing. More pictures here.

The pattern for the Funky Sock Monkeys was conceived and written by Cockeyed the Sockateer. She looks a little crazy in this picture, but what do you expect after giving birth to this many monkeys?

Sock camp was even more fun than last year. I got to hang out and knit with lots of interesting, intelligent, creative, funny (very, very funny) women and man. I learned a lot in the classes, from the teachers as well as my fellow students (Rooks Rock!). I competed in the second annual Underwater Knitting Olympics (I am one of the top 10 in the world) -- sorry, no cameras were allowed. I witnessed knitting-while-dancing and a yodelling knitter. My abs are much stronger from all the laughing. And my stash has been well enhanced. I may recover sometime soon.

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Suzanne said...

Recovery is taking longer than I thought. It has been almost a week and I am just starting to get back to my normal energy.

It was a blast, and loved meeting you and Phil. Loved the Soctopus, I voted it as my all time favorite.
Here's to next year.