Wednesday, May 28


Signs of summer in the foothills:
I saw this while walking the dogs last week in the evening. They are a very common sight in my neighborhood. Shield your eyes if you are herpetophobic.

(This wasn't the one I saw--I didn't have my camera.) I had just been thinking "Watch where you're walking!", because rattlesnakes like to lay across the warm pavement at night. Then, there she was.

Thursday afternoon I heard the familiar sound of spotter planes and helicopters, and saw this from my deck.

It was hot and windy that day, so it was worrisome. The intrepid Cal Firefighters contained it and had it out in a few hours. Whew--it was a bit close!
Crazy Canadians.
A country road I drive on my way to the golf course is lined with palm trees. Some of them have died. These geese post up on them to keep watch over their pond. It always makes me laugh it looks so funny.

Oh, you came here for knitting!
I finished the first Crows Feet KawKaw sock. It was hard to get a good picture of the pattern and colors, but this one is fairly close.
I've been keeping good notes, so if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll post the pattern here.


Marisol said...

Very nice job Linda! You Kawkaw looks great:)

cockeyed said...

Your kawkaws are fabulous!!!!

Sam said...

Very nice! The stitch pattern looks great with that colorway.