Thursday, May 22

Tri Results

Brian survived his first Auburn Triathlon on Sunday. It's called the "World's Toughest Half"--as in half-Ironman! It lived up to its billing. A 1.2 mile swim (the easiest part!).

A 56 mile bike ride (mostly uphill).

And a 13 mile run. If that wasn't hard enough, it was 100 degrees F. in the shade!! We did our part to help him along.

He loved our "Team Juice" shirts, and we were easy for him to see when we popped up at several spots along the race course. He needed all the encouragement we could give.
It took him 8 hours to finish.

He even managed a smile right before crossing the finish line! Way to go Brian! You're our hero!


Carla said...

Rock on- very impressive!

kelly said...

yea brian!! Will was very impressed with your blog, but also fears you are an OCB...obsessive compulsive blogger!! hahahaha!! love you mama!

huckzter said...

what cuou knittite shirts. Linda were you knitting on the sidelines?