Saturday, July 19


We had a lovely time camping at Sugar Pine Point State Park. We spent some time at Meek's Bay on Lake Tahoe. I found this photo on flickr to show you since I was suffering from camnesia.

Goose at the Beach - Panoramic effect Originally uploaded by kirtmans

The Canadians kept us amused.

Along with the usual camping activities, I knitted. Mostly on the test knit for Sam. Her pattern is lovely and should be up on her site next week.

I swatched for a new sock using Socks that Rock medium weight. I can't decide whether I like it or not. The scale of the pattern seems a little big. I'm close to frogging it and starting over.

Of course, I took way more knitting than I could possibly get done, but I felt safe knowing I wouldn't run out of knitting if there was some kind of catastrophe and we got stranded in the wilderness (for a month or two).

When our kids were little, we played baseball or frisbee in the campground. Now that the kids are gone, we play golf.

And, because knitters always have handy tools, I was able to fix the drawstring on our tent with a crochet hook!

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Sam said...

I like the sock. I'm always drawn to strong lines and angular designs. Plus it's hard for me to not like somehthing in those colors.

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Hi Linda! I got your package today. What a lovely treat and so unexpected. My friend Sarah said she got one from you too! The bag is beautiful and the tea, yarn and pattern are all very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda, Your photos are excellent and I thought that your new sock looked great in that yarn.
Now, seeing is not feeling but it looks fun! Is this a pattern you will share or sell?

Thanks! CintiSue

Linda said...

Thanks CintiSue! If it works it's way into a pattern my plan right now is to share :)

Carola said...

It's really wonderful to see the images from your camping trip. It makes me very nostalgic, since I used to go camping a lot with my parents when I was younger. I haven't been doing that for many, many years, although I would like to.

The sock looks really nice in the pattern you're making, but whether or not the pattern is "too large" or whatever, is hard to say from an image on the computer. I'd need to see it in RL - since that's not going to happen any time soon, I say go for it. It does look pretty!!

And the yarn you're dyeing here ... YUM. Looks like another lovely forest-y color!