Saturday, July 12


1. Coffee
2. Chocolate
3. Knitting projects
4. Knitting books and magazines

We're leaving tomorrow to go camping. This was all that was on my camping list until just now. I guess I should bring some food, clothes and sleeping bags and other camping things. Ya think?
One project I'm bringing is a test knit for a friend. It was a great excuse to start a new project (which seems to be my favorite part of knitting!) It's a lace scarf and I'm using Sundara sock yarn. I'm loving the yarn with this pattern. It's very sproingy and shows the stitch pattern well. The color was a bit hard to photograph, but here you go.

This box of yarny goodness from Canada was waiting for me on the doorstep this afternoon.

I ordered some new base yarns and will be dyeing like crazy when I get back. I'll be gone until Thursday. Free shipping in the shop until then!


Vtknitboy said...

any boxes arriving when you're gone? and you live where? ; )

Olga said...

Love that blue yarn! Hey- just wanted to let you know how much I love your pattern spring forward, it is sooooo awesome. Thanks for that!

Jill L said...

I want to go camping with you -- I tlike waht you pack! I got my Clark's Pool yesterday andits gorgeous!

Dorene said...

Where do you get your base yarns from? I've yet to find a supplier I' happy with.

Dorene said...

We have the same great taste! I have that same Vera Bradley pattern but in the bowler bag.


Carola said...

The cute thing to the right in blue and purple with the cross-looking pattern - is it a sock or a mitten? Pattern? Looks really pretty!