Tuesday, December 2


Our flight to Australia was long, but fairly painless. We flew to LA, then Sydney and finally Melbourne. It was a red-eye, so we mostly slept, but I did get in some knitting while watching episodes of The Office on my iPhone. After a quick shower at our hotel, Larry's friend Ben picked us up and took us on a whirlwind tour. We drove out to Hanging Rock Park. It was a lovely place and we saw all kinds of birds.
After a short walk, we visited Hanging Rock Winery and tasted some lovely wines. Then it was back to Melbourne for dinner. On the way I almost scared our poor host to death when I shouted out because I spotted kangaroos! They were just hanging out in a field with some cattle. We also saw some parrots that might have been Rosellas. I need an Aussie bird book before I can tell you for sure.
We're packing up now to return to Sydney for Larry's next meeting. So far, Australia rocks!


Brenna said...

hooray! i'm so glad you saw kangaroos already mom! those rocks look awesome too, can't wait to see more... hope you are having a blast, love you!

tiennie said...

I want to be in Australia! Have a great time!!

tece said...

Hi Linda, I tried to comment on Thursday, but, upon checking just now, I see it didn't happen....I'm glad you arrived safely and must be having lot of fun cuz we haven't heard any more ...it's feeling wintry here..how's your weather? Enjoy yourselves. (I finished knitting a cowl for Adrienne and have started a hat for Nathaniel....bye

Jane said...

Australia sounds wonderful. Have fun!

Sue said...

Kangaroos and cows in a field!
Strong woman holding up that boulder!
Keep up the fun times!