Monday, November 17

One down, four to go

I finished the first of my Christmas gift knits. Hot Waffle Mitts for my friend in Cascade 220.

These were a quick and easy project. I probably could have made them in a day if it weren't for the usual interruptions. I immediately started another pair for my Dad.

I still have to finish three pairs of socks for Christmas. Last year the girls got socks, this year the boys. Two pairs are started--the first I can't show you (it's a secret for now), and I blogged about the other here. Then I need to make one last pair of socks for my step-dad. They will be plain vanilla socks made with yarn from my stash. It's a bit tricky choosing yarn for guys, but my step-dad has always been a snazzy dresser, so I can pick something a bit flashy (as long as it contains blue) for him. These are my choices:

Socks that Rock in Braun's Woods and Lunasea, or Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Baltic Sea. I'm leaning toward the Lunasea (if you only knew my step-dad). Which one would you choose?


Jeanne said...

Great mitts! I really like the Braun's Woods...gorgeous colors.

tiennie said...

Beautiful mitts! I've always loved Luna Sea. That would be my pick. :)

Brenna said...

I pick the one in a rounder ball... sorry mom, don't know the right fancy yarn word for it... but I do know grandpa :)

tece said...

I like the skein on the right side.