Sunday, January 25

Finish or Frog It

Lately, I've been thinking about my stash. When I started knitting I told myself I wouldn't amass a stash. My fabric stash was ginormous, and was making me feel guilty. Well, myself didn't listen. My yarn stash doesn't come close to my fabric stash, but it's getting pretty big. And the pile of WIP's is out of control. Then I read the latest Knitter's Review where Clara wrote about slow stashing (go ahead, read it, I'll wait). I loved her idea about the "Happy Pile" and the "Unhappy Pile". It sounded like something I could do. Shortly after reading Clara's article I read this, and found the Finish or Frog It Group on Ravelry. I know it's Saturday, but I decided on this Friday, so I think it still counts. I looked through my WIP's and decided to finish these ASAP.

I decided to frog this.
This sock was from a BMFA club kit. I love the yarn, but really didn’t love the pattern. It just didn’t flow for me. It’s been half finished for almost a year, and I felt like I should finish, but never wanted to work on it. Deciding it should be in the "Unhappy Pile" and frogged was liberating!
Now the newly wound yarn looks like a happy cake full of posibility!


Jeanne said...

Very pretty blue socks! And love the purple yarn, and hope you find something you love to do with it!

Rocky Moreno said...

I love the Cleopatra pattern by Yarnissima from the BMF club. I have mines, need to start it soon. Your's are looking good!