Tuesday, February 17

Rain, rain, go away

After our snow last week, the door is open and the winter storms are finally here. I know we need the rain, but yuck! It's been raining almost a week non-stop. The dogs are following me around like it's time to go for a walk, but as soon as I open the door for them, they run back upstairs to hide. They don't like to get their paws wet!

All this indoor time has helped out my knitting. I'm almost finished with my first Queen's Beads sock.

And, I have both sleeves finished (and they turned out the same size--whew!), and am moving right along on the back of Cosimo.
I have a question for you. Should I go ahead and block the sleeves now? Or should I wait and block all the pieces at once?


Tece said...

When I opened your blog today and I saw my friend Gus (lookong so forlorn...from the back!), I actually laughed out loud!
My vote goes to: block now - You'll be ready to put this puppy together in no time...

Tammy said...

You can send the rain our way. :) We haven't had much rain this winter at all. It's kind of weird.

Cornelia said...

Yikes! Im supposed to block my sweater as i go?!

Poor poor Gus. Tucker is staring out the window and wants to run in the rain and play in the puddles but Darcy and I don't like to get our feet wet.In the mean time Tucker is bouncing around wanting to play. My knitting time is not my own.

Great job on your sweater...hope mine turns out. Love the sock too.

tiennie said...

You really wouldn't get along in my corner of the PNW. When it hasn't rained in awhile, I wonder where it's been. I'm a Seattle girl through and through. :)

Blocking is such a pain that I always do all the pieces at once.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I'm with Tece...block them now! Fewer pieces to worry about when you're finished! Beautiful job!!
Give Gus a hug for me...Schnapps is in the same frame of mind!


Jeanne said...

The picture of Gus is so cute - you can just see how sad he is.

I love the beaded sock - gorgeous!

2007 said...

So good to meet you on the plane to Seattle today! I'm definitely going to get my needles out when I get home AND take a sock class.

Love your blog--the knitting, the dog, the travels, everything!

Thanks so much for inspiring me!!