Sunday, April 19

Another time

Everyone asks what I made at camp, but I don't have much finished to show you. I finished these.

STR I dyed in Tina's class. The closest skein is my uncomfortable combination, purple and yellow. The other two were my comfort zone colors. I love them all, and can't wait to cast on with them!

Also finished at camp, Joe's Crab Sack (thanks Cockeyed!) with a toe-up sock started in Cat's class.
I learned lots of cool bind-offs in JC's class, and how to do lever knitting in Stephanie's (which is going to take 28 days of practice). The classes were amazing, the antics hilarious (Knitting Jeopardy), the resort fabulous, and my fellow campers inspiring. I had a smashing time at sock camp!
This year my annual trip to Asilomar for our Loose Threads Retreat overlapped Sock Camp by one day. Tece and I had to run back to our room the last night of sock camp to pack. We woke up at dark o'clock Saturday to catch the ferry, hop on a plane, fly back to Sac-town, jump in our car (pre-packed with sewing supplies) and drive the three hours to Pacific Grove. Do we know how to pack in the fun?!

I made this case for my dpn's. I like to keep them in their packages, so I made the pockets wider than most dpn cases, and made it to lay flat in my knitting bag.

I made this tote for my mom.

I also finished my Queen of Beads socks:

Ten days flew by! I am so grateful to be able to have such fun!


Carla said...

I love it all!

Tece said...

And I am so grateful that I got to share all the fun with you! Count me in anytime. (I think we finally recovered though....)

Brenna said...

Mom I think you forgot to mention the most important part of the story, you got to come home and hang out with your long lost children!!! :) Love you!!!

Angeluna said...

Your uncomfortable skein is my favorite. Just goes to show, doesn't it?

tapmouse said...

WOW, Linda! Love your projects you made at your quilting retreat! So you are even further behind than me in readjusting to life!