Wednesday, April 15

One time at Sock Camp

There were crab races.
Note Cockeyed's game face.

Lots of campers showed me their Spring Forwards.

I wish I had taken all of their pictures--it made me feel so happy to see them :)

Our homework for sock camp was to knit a sea creature.
My Fiddler Crab.

Tece's Lottie Lobster under her umbrella, with her beach towel and knitting basket.
Sue went all out and made lots of sea creatures.

Misknits made Sponge Bob McCrabbypants.
I want to go back!


Angela said...

I wanna go back, too. I need to make a pair of Spring Forwards for me. I made a pair at Christmas for my aunt to gift to her boss, and I was quite sad to part with them!

Marisol said...

Ah soooo much fun! I loved every minute of it!