Wednesday, October 14


Last Saturday Brenna and her posse came up for a visit. They brought their own Beer Pong table and taught us how to play.

Don't worry, we had water in our cups. We're in training! Beer Pong is as bad as golf--so many rules.

I wasn't too bad, but Larry and Richard beat us. We had a great time laughing and visiting with B's friends.

Sunday morning they headed off to the 49er game.

It was lots of fun hanging out with B's friends. I really do miss having my kids close to home.

After they left, I went out and ran in my first official race in a long, long time. It was a trail run down in Folsom. I didn't really race though--just ran my usual snail's pace and used it as an easy training run. My only goal was to not be last! Mission accomplished.

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Danger said...

B's friends look like cool people. Except that Asian guy.