Saturday, October 17

It's GO time!

Woohoo--we're in San Francisco for Marathon Weekend!

The expo inside the humungous tent was super-running-girl fun. We picked up our race numbers, got lots of free samples, had our gaits analyzed, and picked up our "Starting Corral" wristbands.

Well, at least we aren't in the slowest group.

Today is for taking it easy--painting our nails TNT purple, maybe a little trip to Niketown and H&M, then the Inspiration Pasta Dinner, and early to bed. We meet up with our team at 5am tomorrow morning for team pictures and to get in line for one last stop in the porta-potty. The race starts at 7.

To top off my weekend, I got good news from my LLS honoree, Michelle. She just got her test results back from her doctor. She is 100% cancer free, 100% grafted, and 100% normal chromasomes. I am so happy for her! This year's marathon raised over $14 million for LLS. I feel honored to be part of this amazing event.

This is it...don't get scared now.


Tece said...

Yay!!! Here's to a great run for the both of you! I burst out laughing at your sad faces photo...
I'm thinking about you!

Danger said...

GOOD JOB GUYS! I heard the chocolate was the best part of the run.