Wednesday, August 15

Getting older isn't that bad...

My birthday was a while back, but the partying continues. Last night the Ninepatchers hosted a party for me in Tece's lovely garden. We were surrounded by hummingbirds and flowers, and serenaded by goats. It was a wonderful evening with good food and great friends. There were presents, too, YAY!

A chocolate themed apron, hand-dyed fabrics, sock yarn were some of the goodies.

I also received some new books for my knitting library.

When I got home today, there was a birthday package from my mom--some fun new shoes that will be great for showing off my hand knit socks.

And did I mention I had cute dogs?

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Cockeyed said...


So glad you found our blog! Love, love, love yours! Absolutely the perfect name for it! I'll put a link to it on mine! Let's keep in touch!