Thursday, September 18

Poultry in Paradise

One of the most surprising things about Kauai is the number of wild chickens all over the island. They are everywhere and I get such a kick out of them. Chickens on the golf course.

Baby chicks.

Teenage chicks.

And a very noisy guy that likes to wake us up with his crowing every morning at 4:30! Even though I'm a vegetarian, I've been dreaming a lot about chicken for dinner.

I started some Christmas knitting on the plane. These will be for my son who has size 15 feet (which explains the contrasting ribbing and soon to be heels and toes). The pattern is Undulating Rib Socks from Favorite Socks.

The weather has been perfect, not a drop of rain so far. We've been snorkeling, golfing, and enjoying the beach. Life is good!


Jeanne said...

Love the chickens - and gorgeous pictures!

Sam said...

Kaui is so beautiful. We try to make it there or Maui every couple years. My favorite vacation spot no question.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.