Saturday, February 7

Finish It Friday

Newly finished socks out for a knit day with Tece at Starbucks.
I cast on the Queen of Beads socks with the tubular cast on the pattern called for--love it! I may cast on all my socks this way from now on. When I read through the pattern I couldn't make sense of what was going to happen, but I just plowed through the directions and voila--a very tidy, stretchy cast on. Check it out here. I'm not really a bead person (I'm just not sparkly), but I love the beads in these socks! They just look so pretty with the yarn colors, and it makes me want to hurry up and knit so I can get to a row with beads.


tiennie said...

Those are very pretty! Can't wait to see the finished bead socks. :)

Marisol said...

What beautiful socks Linda! Hey I have those shoes too:)

Love how your new socks are coming along. I really need to get with the program and get started on mine!